NanoComputing Research Lab within the Integrated Circuits Group at the Electrical Engineering Dept, TU/e is a research lab focusing on novel computing paradigms covering aspects from physics, information theory and circuit design. We develop computing concepts with various technologies such as analog design in CMOS nodes, digital logic design on FPGA, and novel materials and devices i.e., 1D/2D and phase change materials to implement computational architectures that enable not only energy efficient computing but also serve as a gateway to understand certain working principles that can be extended to the functioning of thermodynamics in neuromorphic systems.

I’m thrilled to present out latest NRL group photo. It fills me with an immense joy and pride to collaborate with these exceptional students who are not only dedicated researchers but also exploring novel research topics. The curiosity and commitment they bring to our projects are truly inspiring and I’m excited about our new developments and ideas that will emerge from our collective efforts.