Neuro-inspired computing employs technologies that enable brain-inspired computing hardware for more efficient and adaptive intelligent systems.

In comparison to the physics that governs the operation of today’s computers, quantum mechanics allows a different means of processing, storing and communicating information…

In this work, we investigate 1D (carbon nanotubes) and 2D (MoS2, WSe2, etc.) materials for biosensing application with the aim to increase sensibility and selectivity of the biosensor.

In this work, we investigate integration and design challenges of CNTs for local and global on-chip back-end-of-line interconnects.

Monolithic 3D (M3D) integration presents a new dimension for interconnect innovation to extend the aggressive scaling of Moore’s law. M3D integration aims at processing transistors on top of each other sequentially.


Adiabatic Logic is a potential successor for static CMOS circuit design style for ultra-low-power energy consumption.

Spintronics-based memory is considered as a potential alternative to replace CMOS based memory.